Rusty "Rush" Revere is the eponymous central character of the Adventures of Rush Revere book series.

Self-described as an historian and history teacher, he currently fills in as substitute teacher for Mrs. Borrington's Honors History Class at Manchester Middle School.

He also appears to moonlight as a salesperson/mascot of the "Two If By Tea" company. He is described as a friend of Rush Limbaugh, the author/co-author of the series, as well as the founder of the aforementioned beverage company.

According to the first book in the series, Mr. Revere got his nickname, "Rush", courtesy a teacher, as he was always rushing to History class. As "Rusty" is itself often a nickname of the more proper "Russell", it is unknown if Mr. Revere's actual name is "Rusty" or "Russell".

In Real LifeEdit

Author Rush Limbaugh's nickname was "Rusty".

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